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I will not stop running, I will wipe my tears and keep going.

I do not believe in tears.


Do not make commitments easily.


Be logical in life. Don’t react emotionally.


Think less. Speak less. Just do it.


Build integrity.

Don’t leave your noodles while cooking.

  • 要怎么做才能保持清醒?
  • 有没有在做对学业和职业发展有帮助的事?
  • 有没有学新的知识?




“Be “selectively ignorant.”

Ignore topics that drain your attention.

Unfollow people that drain your energy.

Abandon projects that drain your time.

Do not keep up with it all. The more selectively ignorant you become, the more broadly knowledgable you can be.”

Time and energy are very valuable.


“Reading can teach you the best of what others already know.

Reflection can teach you the best of what only you can know.”

Yeah, don’t just do reflection, learning from others is essential.


“The math of success…

Results = (Hard Work*Time)^Strategy

Working hard is important, but working on the…

Originally written months ago.

Source: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Make it obvious

The following two methods were proved to be effective according to the book.

Make the time and location clear (Clarity)

For example, instead of “I will read”, write down “I will read at 9 p.m. on my bed”. Instead of “I will do some workout”, write down “I will sweat it out at 5 p.m. at weekends in the living room”. Instead of “I will write”, write down “I will write at 8 a.m. ”

Get it chained with existing habits/routines

I will get up at 8. (still can’t do that QAQ)

After having breakfast, I will open the Pronunciation video and practice.

Originally written months ago.


I’ve been a student not very clever or good at preparing for exams — yeah I tend to break things down, focus on details (including trivial ones), not very exam-oriented overall.

Regarding myself as a person who bears boringness and repeats, I usually apply discipline into my study and life, I don’t change my methods or ways of learning/working even if I feel bored or suffered, which unintentionally make the processes painful and very dull. …

Stay with people who are understanding and supportive.

So insane the past months.


Forget about details. Keep learning. Keep going. Keep improving.

You’re my super hero Mila!🥳

Source: 得意时看淡,失意时看开

Source: 靠谱,是对一个人极高的评价



What defines a person is not the peak in their life, but the lowest points they could make through. You never know where your limit is until you get challenged.


Stay kind and stay strong. I know it could be hard sometimes, Mila. I understand how you feel, and what you felt and feeling are very normal.




People who are clever walks fast, but people who are reliable walk further.





Win respect from others by your work.

These days I have been changing, it’s not too late to understand something in my life.

Just do your work and keep going, Mila!



Practicing Pen Tool on Bezier

Mila 2.0

Life goal — — world-class designer. 等你破茧成蝶。

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